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CSS Buttons: Slide up text on hover

You’d never go on a hike without a compass or a map. No one has to tell you you’d be in serious trouble if you walked for hours in dense woods or mountainous terrain without knowing where you were or where you were going.

When it comes to a website navigation it acts like a road map for the visitor to all sections of your website. If the navigation is clear and easy to use, visitors will stay and would have a good experience on your website which ultimately turns the visitors into customers or returning visitors. In this tutorial, we are going to write the code for the Slide up text on hover buttons (Essential Part of Navigation). So let’s start

Step 1: HTML Markup

body has a container, which contains the Buttons going to be slide up text on hover. Inside button tag, hover-data is a self-defined attribute which contains the texts to slide up on hover. We also have a div tag in button which contains the value to be shown up before hover or you can say title of the button.

Step 2: The CSS

I am not going to explain the whole CSS however, I will explain the main part of the code we are using the :before css selector to show something before a container/tag we are showing the attribute hover-data’s value setting opacity 0 and translation on x-axis is 0 and y-axis is 50% of the height. Before hover the opacity of the div inside the button is 1 and translation on x-axis and y-axis is 0. When the mouse is hovered on button we translate the hover-data’s text on x-axis and y-axis 0 and for the div that resides inside the button opacity is set to 0 and translated to -50%.

Final Code: Slide up text on hover (CSS Buttons)

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