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Wine Installation

How to Install Wine on Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Wine is an opensource, free and easy to use programs that enables you to run Windows application on Linux. Wine allows you to run almost all windows application on your Linux Distro.

This article describe a few easy steps to install on Debian based systems also we will see how to configure wine, installation of windows software through wine and un-install.

Wine’s most recent and stable version is Wine 2.0.1. To install stable version of wine you have to add this new wine repository PPA which offers both development versions and stable version of Wine Ubuntu 17.04 and Ubuntu 16.10/16.04.

To Install Ubuntu 2.0.1 Ubuntu, open the terminal by pressing ‘CTRL+ALT+T‘ from the desktop and run the following commands.

Starting Wine

To start the Wine program, you must give the full path of the .exe program. For example, we will start the notepad.exe program through wine.

Configuring Wine

The default wine configuration comes with enough to run almost all windows application, but not all windows based applications run under wine. And in some cases you may require an extra configuration to run that particular windows application.

The wine configuration is done by a utility named ‘winecfg‘. So in order to configure run the following command on terminal.

Wine Configuration
Wine Configuration

This is very useful to install games and various windows application using cdrom.

Installation of Software

To install a windows application on your ubuntu box there are two ways to install them first is to install it using winetricks and the second one is by simply through an .exe file. We will be installing lightshot (Screenshot application) using .exe.

So let’s start i have downloaded the lightshot windows setup from there official website. Lightshot Official Website

Now go to the directory where you have downloaded the lightshot windows setup.

Lightshot Setup

As you can see the an icon appears on the file. Usually if you don’t have wine installed on your system you will probably see a gear icon on .exe file.


Now right-click on the setup file select open with -> other applications. A window will appear like this select ‘Wine Windows Program Loader‘ and hit Select Button.


Now you will be able to install lightshot like we do install softwares in windows.


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