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Introduction to C#

Welcome to C# Tutorial. During the development of  .NET Framework, Microsoft Introduced a new language called C# (pronouced as C#). C# is designed to be simple, modern, general purpose language borrowing main concepts mostly from JAVA.
C# is used in combination with .NET Framework. Therefore, to execute a C# application .NET Framework must be installed on the computer. .NET Framework is designed to use wide range of languages. C# is also reffered as .NET Framework language because it was developed with the combination of .NET Framework.
C# is an object oriented language and does not offer global variables or function like in Procedural language. Everything is wrapped with the classes even the basic data types like string or int are inherited from class System.Object class.
In this series of C# Tutorials you will be guided through the most important topics about C#.

Why Learn C# ?

Since the application development task can be accomplished with modern programming languages like (Java,Python or C++). Windows is most dominating Operating System on client’s machine. The best GUI framework for Windows Application development is Winforms and WPF togather with .NET Framework. The best programming language to work with .NET Framework and its API’s is C#.

Advantages of C#

C++ is an older language without automatic memory management. C# is smilar to C++ but has automatic memory management and you don’t have to work with pointers, which makes you more productive. C++ can still be the best envoirnment in some cases but not for form-internsive database applications that is common in business.

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